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One-to-one Nature Photography Holidays

KELimages offers exclusive one-to-one home and abroad nature photography tours.

Photographer Kenneth Edward Lewis
Kenneth Edward Lewis in working attire

The idea is simple: Kenneth Edward Lewis will assist you on a location shoot anywhere in the world. The location can be a place of your choice or as recommended by Ken. The tour can last as for as long, or as short a period, as you require.

One-to-one tours are exactly that: just you and Kenneth and the natural environment. A maximum of two people (plus Ken) may partake on each tour.

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A maximum of 2 people, (plus Ken), may partake on each tour. For economic reasons, Ken is promoting one day tours from his base on the Wirral. Ken will be demonstrating digital photography using the Canon EOS system of lens’ and cameras, subjects being landscape or nature. The day will start with approximately one hour of theory then out in the field taking digital images. The day will end at his working office processing and manipulating the images taken. Although Ken only uses Canon Eos equipment, which you will be able to use under supervision, any other system you may have can be used.

Bird photography at Redrocks Nature Reserve and Wirral Country Park - £130 per person per day, to include transportation and lunch.

Landscape or Nature in the Llangollen or Conway area of North Wales - £150 per person per day, to include transportation and lunch.

Opportunity to photograph Red and Fallow Deer rutting etc - £130 per person per day, to include coffee breaks and lunch.

Fungi photography in the Ainsdale Nature Reserve - £130 per person per day, to include transportation. Student should bring their own packed lunch and drinks for this trip.

Autumn Landscapes in the Lake District National Park - £180 per person per day, to include transportation and lunch.

Introduction to Nature Photography One to One at Martin Mere Wetlands Centre, Burscough. Target species, captive rare Ducks and Geese and wild birds from hides, i.e. Whooper Swans, Bewick Swans and Pink Feet Geese. £160 per person per day, to include entrance fee and lunch.

Bird photography using static hides and baited props in the Macclesfield area. Target species Buzzards, Sparrowhawks etc. Garden and farm birds are in their best plumage condition from this month. Target species, Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Woodpeckers etc.

Target species Fieldfares, Waxwings, Goldcrest.
Cost per person for the day - £190 to include a pub lunch.
Ken will be using his motorhome as a base for tutorial, image processing and viewing images.


Advance AI Servo Auto Focus for moving subjects.
Starting in the spring 2010 May to September, a One to One at the Chestnut Centre Chapel - en - le - Frith using AI Servo Auto Focus to capture images of the Giant Otters interacting with each other. This course is for Canon EOS users. A 300 mm lens will be needed on the day. Lunch and entrance fee will be included in the price. Ken will also explain any processing for printing etc on his Mac Book Pro laptop. Other equipment will be needed on this course but Ken will advise you when booking.
Maximum participants - 2
£180.00 each
£230.00 for two.

For more information and chat with Ken, regarding ground costs etc just ring Ken in his office on his land line 0151 608 4478.

In the event that the "One to One" or tour is cancelled by mutual consent due to poor weather conditions, a new date convenient to both parties will be arranged.

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